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  • Grove of Remembrance

    I truly appreciate the Memorials in the Park. They humble me. "We are grateful for your courage, and your service."
  • Happy Autumn!

    Anne Crosbie, Education Ambassador invites you to come along on this Historical Discovery Adventure that is Garfield Alive.



Upcoming Events:

Rockin' Garfield Holiday Bash

Rockin Garfield Holiday Bash December 13, 2014, 6:00PM Garfield Park Arts Center
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  • Happy #THT from the FOGP! Children taking turns going down the slide in Garfield Park in 1932 (Bass Photo Co) pic.twitter.com/0UdnA916ed

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  • @WTTS - thank you for your support of Christmas at Garfield! Hope 2CU tomorrow! pic.twitter.com/JjZoXA8Rvq

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  • @ArynSchounce @walkerjj @bigcar @AroundIndy @SocialInIndy @Do317 @IndyDT - join us for Christmas at Garfield! pic.twitter.com/W41lR61s65

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  • @JustinMoed @Jeff4Indy @IndyMNLs (Lisa) @MayorBallard - hope to see you all tomorrow at Christmas at Garfield! pic.twitter.com/SgOc1Div0N

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  • @BatesHendricks @LanceBoehmer @fletcherplaceIN @CalvinFletchers - Hey neighbors - join us at Christmas at Garfield! pic.twitter.com/Oz4LvihwoV

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